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Federal Student Aid

As we all know, a lot more people are going to college than in previous generations, but many of these struggle to find a good job and to pay off their student loans. We hear advice increasingly often that college

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Discussion Resources: Ukraine

We will be talking about the conflict in Ukraine at the Saturday meeting. Here are some resources from Danielle Ledyard, who chose the topic this month: Here’s one from a more liberal view: Thank you, Danielle!

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A Brief History of Healthcare

Do you know why healthcare insurance is tied to your job, but car insurance isn’t? Prof. Gary Wolfram explains in his Incentive and the “Information Problem” lecture, part of the online Economics 101 course from Hillsdale College. The moral of

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Abortion Legislation in Court: Discussion Resources

I figured that because the next lecture from Dr. Farris is on alleged abortion rights, the current events topic should be the recent court cases on pro-life legislation from Texas and Oklahoma. Texas, which passed a law this year requiring

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Government “Shutdown”: Discussion Resources

At the meeting, be prepared to share your opinions about Congress’s handling of the budget and Obamacare and the resulting government “shutdown.” (Click here for the government’s list of what is shutdown.) Also, what are your thoughts about the debt

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Afghanistan War: Discussion Resources

The past several current events discussions have been on domestic matters (Common Core, Bitcoin, health care, immigration, etc). This month’s will be a foreign policy issue which has been current for over eleven years: the Afghanistan War. Most of us

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Common Core: Discussion Resources

What is the Common Core? Or, more properly, what are the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)? They are a set of public school educational standards for math and English (to be expanded to all subjects) sponsored by the National Governors

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IRS Scandal: Discussion Resources

The current events topic for our June 8 meeting is the IRS scandal. I am sure you all have heard something about it and were none too pleased. (As review, the IRS had been specifically targeting conservative groups, such as

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What’s Up with the US Military and Religious Liberty?

I heard yesterday about the Pentagon possibly imposing restrictions on proselytizing in the military after a meeting with veteran Mikey Weinstein, president of the interestingly named Military Religious Freedom Foundation. In a bitterly satiric editorial for the Huffington Post a

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Bitcoin: Discussion Resources

I had not heard of Bitcoin until two weeks ago, so I assume an explanation is necessary. To make it easier on me, I will let the promoters tell you about it: Here is how the Acton Institute’s Joe Carter

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Generation Joshua

Westmoreland Generation Joshua (GenJ) is the local club of a national organization, Generation Joshua, which trains youth to become responsible, active citizens with a Christian perspective.