Approved upon amendment on February 18, 2012.

Addition of Article IV on February 8, 2014.

Article I. Name and Constitution.
Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Generation Joshua Club of Westmoreland, generally referred to as the Westmoreland GenJ Club. The organization name is subject to change through completion of the Club Name Change Form with the approval of the changed name from two-thirds of the club members constituting a quorum.

Section 2. The club adopts the Generation Joshua Club Constitution as its highest governing document.

Article II. Officers.
Section 1. In addition to the officers required by the Generation Joshua Club Constitution, the club shall have the office of chaplain. The duties of the required officers shall be those specified in the Constitution, and the duties of the chaplain shall be those specified below:
1) To lead the club in prayer at each meeting,
2) To prepare or select a devotional including Scripture, and
3) To contribute to leading current events discussions.

Section 2. A person may move to nominate himself or herself, and a person may second a motion nominating himself or herself if he or she did not make the motion. Only club members may nominate or be nominated. The club shall allow nominations during the February meeting (if such a meeting is held) to allow candidates to prepare. Further nominations may be made during the first meeting after February.

Section 3. Elections shall be held during the first meeting after February. Only members may vote or be elected.

Article III. Meetings.
Section 1. A quorum shall be a simple majority of all club members who have attended a meeting in the past year or are attending their first meeting.

Section 2. Regular business meetings shall require a quorum.

Section 3. At the last regular business meeting of a year, regular business meetings for the following year shall be tentatively scheduled to meet the requirements of the Generation Joshua Club Constitution.

Article IV. Membership.

If a member of Generation Joshua applies to become a member of the club, the club shall vote on whether to extend membership at the next regular business meeting, by secret ballot, with a simple majority determining the outcome.

Article V. Provision for amendment of bylaws.
These bylaws may be amended at regular business meetings by a two-thirds majority.

Generation Joshua

Westmoreland Generation Joshua (GenJ) is the local club of a national organization, Generation Joshua, which trains youth to become responsible, active citizens with a Christian perspective.