October 22, 2011

  1. President Alex Watt called meeting to order
  2. Chaplain Christopher Brautigam led group in devotional and prayer
  3. Pledge of Alligence
  4. Secretary Ryan Brautigam read minutes of previous meeting and called roll. Those present were
    • Ryan B.
    • Chris B.
    • Britney B.
    • Alex W.
    • Ben W.
    • Special guest: Bryant Bolyen (brought by Chris and Ryan B.)
  5. Program
    • Constitutional Literacy, "Constitutionality of Debt," with Dr. Farris
    • Current Event: US Strike Kills American al-Qaeda Cleric in Yemen
  6. Adjournment

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Generation Joshua

Westmoreland Generation Joshua (GenJ) is the local club of a national organization, Generation Joshua, which trains youth to become responsible, active citizens with a Christian perspective.