March 17, 2012

10:00 a.m. at New Life PCA

  1. President Alex Watt called the meeting to order
  2. Devotional and Prayer – Chris Brautigam
  3. Pledge of Alligence
  4. Minutes and Roll Call – Secretary Ryan Brautigam
  5. Program
    • Constitutional Literacy, “Commerce and General Welfare Clauses,” Dr. Farris
    • Current Event: The US, Iran, and Israel
  6. Old Business
    • Participating in CHAP (Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania)
    • Contacting the Bible Bee on promoting it as community service
    • Status of Senate Resolution
  7. New Business
    • Nomination of club officers: Ben Watt for president, Ryan Brautigam for vice-president, Chris Brautigam for secretary, Alex Watt for chaplain
    • Alex Watt moved to elect all nominees since only one person accepted a nomination for each position. Ben Watt seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
    • Discussion about voter registration drive as general election approaches
  8. Announcements
    • CHAP will be held at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg from May 11-12
    • HB 934 (the voter photo ID bill), which we discussed several months ago, passed the Senate and was signed by the Governor on March 14
  9. Adjournment

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Generation Joshua

Westmoreland Generation Joshua (GenJ) is the local club of a national organization, Generation Joshua, which trains youth to become responsible, active citizens with a Christian perspective.