June 19, 2015

1. Meeting called to order by President Joshua Ledyard

2. US Pledge of Allegiance

3. Scripture and Prayer by Chaplain Lauren Watt

4. Minutes and roll call by Vice-president Nate Duncan

5. Program
i. Dr. Farris’ Constitutional Literacy, “The Free exercise of Religion (Part 1),” followed by discussion
ii. Discussion on the “New York Convict Prison Escape”
iii. Discussion of chapters 18-42 of the club book Whatever Happened to Justice?

6. Unfinished Business

7. New Business
i. Motion passes to read pages 1-100 of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

8. Announcements
i. Next person to pick current events topic

9. Adjournment

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Generation Joshua

Westmoreland Generation Joshua (GenJ) is the local club of a national organization, Generation Joshua, which trains youth to become responsible, active citizens with a Christian perspective.